protect their deletion due to Antivirus
25th May 2019

Backing Up files to protect their deletion due to Antivirus

There can be some of the files that you have, which are all readily affected by the virus. The files will be deleted while your antivirus will be protecting you in real time. To get relief from this aspect, you need to follow some procedures, which will be protecting you and your files. The files can be very much important for you and for that we have laid out the following method for your support. If the following method fails, you can take the help of Norton online support uk. They will be supporting you in all possible ways to give you the help, which you need.

The DIY support to backup files

Here is a guide for you to do the backup support by yourself. Just go through the different condition, you will face and react likewise –

  • The first step will be to put the antivirus of yours into a gaming mode and attach the hard disk, where the affected file has been kept. Now, extract the affected file and open it. You can copy the same file contents into another file of a similar Put that in a separate folder in your PC. Now, you need to test whether the copied file is affected or not. To do that, just eject the disk and turn off the gaming mode. If the file still remains there, you can remain sure that there was no virus in the data and hence it has not been deleted. If you find this, the first job of yours will be to convert the file or the folder into an ISO file, so that your file stays protected.
  • If you find now, that the copied file is also affected, then repeat the process stated above and this time, burn the essential file of yours into a CD or DVD and keep that in a safe Antivirus cannot delete files that are in a DVD or CD. Hence, they will have no threat from antivirus anymore. For support in this aspect, you can get in touch with Norton online support uk. They will assist you in all possible ways.
  • The final aspect that you will face here is when you need the file to be accessed at times. There are different ways that are there to give you the support and the best among them is when you turn off the gaming mode and then put the file from the disk and then mark the location address of the file, where you will keep it after copying n your system in the white list. Doing this will give the message to the antivirus tool that it will not check that address for virus any time.

The above three are the best ways to get rid of antivirus, especially when your file is affected. You can do the above steps on your own, but many a time, you won’t find the white list maker in your tool. In such cases, take help of the norton setup uk, where you will get the essential support at ease.

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