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5th June 2019

How to protect the files from deletion with antivirus providing real-time protection?

The biggest threat that you will face in case of using an antivirus tool on your PC is to recover a needful file, which has been deleted for the reason that it is affected. Many times, you will find that you have attached your USB stick to the PC of yours and the PC just removes the files that were within the disk. The file can be an important one and you might not have kept a backup of that file. So what to do now? Sticking to the point, here are some of the best ways, how you can turn out such conditions. However, if you find that the situation is going out of control, the best way to resolve is definitely to reach Norton customer support UK. Chances of getting the thing resolved are near to 100% when you reach there.

Tips to resolve file deletion

Follow the tips that have been laid out here and apply them to reduce your hazards out of viruses permanently.

Turn on real-time protection

The first thing that you must do is to get a thorough checking of your system and start real-time protection in it. As you check the device of yours, the affected files will automatically be deleted and the essentials will be automatically be recovered. Now, when you turn on real-time protection, the antivirus of yours will keep the files protected at all condition, whether you reach the internet or you deal with the external disks.

Keep a backup

After you resolve the issues with your system, there remains the SB stick and other external hard disks, which might contain files that are affected. To get rid of those, you need to make a thorough scan of the devices, but before going for those. There remains a task for you – secure the important files that are there for you in the hard disks. Be sure that, if you have deleted the files due to the effect of the virus, there remains the least chance of recovering them. Hence take precautions beforehand. If you still find some issues, which are out of your control, then reach the norton setup uk to get the assistance. Coming to the topic, make sure that you have backed up the files that are there in the devices, so that if the files are deleted, then you can restore them easily.

Get back from Quarantine

If after all the efforts too, your files are deleted by the antivirus tool, then also there is nothing to worry. You can get back to the quarantine of the tool and recover the file from there. You need to turn on the gaming mode in your antivirus tool, to get the essential support here. However, if you feel that, even by putting your best efforts too, you are unable to recover the files, the best way is to get in touch with the Norton customer support UK. They will do the essential things for you to give you back the affected file, where the virus effect will be removed by the team support only.

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