Norton activation UK Best Service
7th February 2019

Norton activation UK Best Service

The deluxe version of the Norton Antivirus software comes with various features. It is cheaper than the premium version and also lacks some features, which are found only in the premium one.  Norton activation UK will help the users to activate the product. Here are those features.

  • The deluxe version protects the system from various types of attacks like malware, ransomware, viruses, spyware, etc.
  • The private information like financial data and other sensitive information is protected by the software when the user goes online.
  • The deluxe version has the facility to use cyber intelligence network, which will protect then user’s data from various types of cyber threats.
  • The firewall present in the software protect the system from unauthorized access and hackers are unable to access the files on the user’s computer.
  • The software on a user computer is updated automatically as soon as an update is released.
  • When a user subscribes to the deluxe version, a Norton representative is assigned to him and the user can tell him the problem if he (the user) faces any.
  • The deluxe version supports many operating systems and users can protect the various devices running on different operating systems.
  • The devices can be easily protected by a web portal, which the users can use easily and conveniently.

These features are not available in the premium version only.

It has family safety feature, which will help the parents to control their children from accessing the net. The children can access net safely and would not be able to access those things, which are not meant for them.

The premium version provides 25GB free storage on cloud

Backup is taken automatically as per the user configuration.

Norton Secure VPN

Users who subscribe to deluxe version get the Norton Secure VPN free which they can use to protect the data.  VPN encrypts the data that is being sent or received and the hackers are unable to access that data. The users can easily do various types of financial transactions like paying bills book king tickets, booking a cab, etc. they can also use social media or browse internet safely.

Safety from online threats

There are many users who use free or inferior quality antivirus software, which cannot protect their system for a long time as the hackers used advance software to steal the data and the inferior antivirus software cannot protect the system from the attacks.

Norton consistently keep a check on the existing as well as new threats and update then software to protect the systems from various attacks. The update is automatically installed o the user’s system as soon as it is released.

Multi OS Support

Users can protect several devices running on different operating systems with one subscription. The operating system that it supports include Windows, Android, iOS, Mac. The Android users get one more advantage and that is if they are going to download an app even from Google play store, the antivirus software will let him know about the impact of the app on the battery. It will also inform about the malware that the app can have.

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