Norton customer service phone number UK
12th February 2019

Norton customer service phone number UK

Norton antivirus software comes with various versions, which include basic, standard, deluxe, and premium. The basic version comes with basic features while the premium version comes with advanced features. Some of the advanced features of this version are as follows.

  • This version helps the user to save his system from various types of attacks like ransomware, virus, spyware, malware, etc.
  • The financial and other sensitive information of a user are protected when he connects the system to internet.
  • The system is saved from various kinds of cyber threats.
  • Firewall present in this version saves the system from unauthorized access to the personal information on the system.
  • The software is updated automatically as soon as a new update is released. This saves the system from new threats.
  • The company has promised for 100% virus protection. A representative of the company is assigned as soon as a user subscribe to the premium version. The users can also make a call using Norton customer service phone number UK to let the company know about their problem.
  • A single subscription helps to protect many devices running on different operating systems.
  • The user can protect his devices with the help of web portal, which is easy to use.
  • Only the premium version has the facility that children can browse net safely and parents could control the browsing.
  • The backup of files is taken automatically as per the user configuration.
  • Users can 25GB free storage on cloud and they can buy more if needed.

Norton Secure VPN

The Norton security software protects the system from various types of attacks. The premium version comes with free Norton secure VPN, which encrypts the data that is being sent or received when the system is connected to a public Wi-Fi. Users can pay bills, brose internet work on social media, access emails, etc. without worrying about the attacks.

Safety from online threats

A new computer with free or inferior antivirus software can be easily attacked by hackers as they use very sophisticated software for the purpose. Norton consistently keeps a check on the existing and new threats and regularly updates the software to check these threats.

Multi operating system

The premium version supports multiple operating systems and one subscription can support many devices running on different operating systems. The operating systems that it supports include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. So users can secure their PCs, smartphones, iphones, ipads, ipods and all those devices that are used to connect internet.

As far as Android devices are concerned, if a user wants to download an app, the security software already informs the user about impact of the app on the battery and risk of malware.

Protection of important information

The software protects the files and documents by preventing the failure of hard drive. Users can store then backup of their files on the 25GB storage provided on the cloud. This storage space is free only with the premium version. Users can also buy more space if the need more. The premium version is the most advanced and provides various types of securities to various devices.

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