Norton customer support
26th March 2019

Norton customer support has all the essential features

Norton antivirus is one of the popular antivirus software that has started its services long back. The software belongs to Symantec and it provides various services to the customers according to the package purchased by them. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this software, which is discussed here.


  • The software provides protection from various types of attack.
  • The company provides discounts on LifeLock identity protection.
  • The premium package provides the facility of backing up important data and saving it on cloud storage.


  • The software is heavy and has a great impact on system performance.
  • The parental control is available only with premium version.

There are four packages available which users can purchase according to their requirement and these packages are Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. Users can secure device through basic and standard versions, five devices through deluxe version and ten devices through premium version. Norton products were previously very heavy and had a bad impact on the system performance but now the software comes with light packages and with many features. The company does not provide any freeware all the packages are paid ones and users can purchase them as per their requirement. The company also provides heavy discounts if the product is purchased online.

Norton Antivirus Basic

Norton antivirus basic version has all the essential features. This is the cheapest package available with the company. It includes Proactive Exploit Protection which protects the system from any attack before it damages the system. The package also includes browser extensions, which protects the system from malicious websites. Norton customer support is not available with this package.

Norton Antivirus Standard

The standard version comes with two-way firewall an d users also get 24/7 services from the company as soon as they subscribe to this package and an expert is allocate which provide Norton internet security uk to the users. If the users are not happy with the services, they can ask for refund which the company provides easily. The software supports multiple operating systems but one subscription protects only one device.

Norton Antivirus Deluxe

Users can protect five systems with a single subscription and the devices they can protect include PCs, Android phones, and Apple iPhones. Users also get the facility of My Norton web portal with which they can control their devices. The package also comes with Norton customer support

Norton Antivirus Premium

This is the costliest package and comes with many features which are not available with other three versions. Users can protect ten systems with one subscription. The package comes with parental control which helps the parent to take a watch on the children when they browse internet. Another feature available with this package is backup. Users get 25GB free storage on cloud on which they can put the backup of their system. Users can configure the software according to their requirement. They can set the timings of the backup along with the files and folders they want to backup

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