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10th April 2019

Tips and tricks to have a safe digital life

Is your device protected from all kinds of theft and unauthorized access? What steps have you taken to shield your computer and laptop from these imposters? It is right that having an efficient sentinel like Norton to secure your machine, there is nothing you need to worry about. Yet, there are some healthy practices that can make the job smoother and help you to use your machine more effectively. Here are a few tips from Norton technical support that can help you to have a trouble free digital experience.

Cleaning up the computer workspace: There are certain programs which automatically makes a shortcut which is displayed in the form of an icon on the laptop or computer. If you delete the short cut which you are not using will not lead to deleting of the program but contribute to keeping the desktop organized and clean.

Getting organized: You should practice categorizing the files and documents under various heads such as financial statements, family photos, documents, downloads, videos, songs and several others as per your convenience. Then you should create as well as label folders in order to bucket the files into them. This will allow you to remove the unimportant data and files that you no longer need. After squaring up everything, the Norton technical support advises you to back up the files in some secured location besides the hard drive of the device.

Updating the passwords regularly: When this is practiced across different devices and accounts, you are making sure that not just the passwords but also the important files are protected. This is a safe habit that every digital user should adopt even when he is not able to spring clean. A complex and unique password which cannot be guessed easily is the key to safeguarding the account. When in doubt, you can always reach out to Norton technical support or use a free manager tool such as Norton Identity Safe in order to log in to the most used sites much easily and securely. Moreover, you should always opt for a two factor authentication when the services you are using provide this option along with password protection.

Entering the user’s name into various search engines: You should use multiple search engines for performing searches for your first and last name. If you have changed the username recently, you should search for both prior and present name and make use of common misspellings. You should make a thorough check of the first three result pages. In case you come across anything that you don’t want, then you should ask the site administrator to remove it.

The digital footprint refers to all traces of the online activity that a user takes part in and thus, you should take adequate measures to track your online presence.

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